Why Sell with JBG Real Estate Advisors!

Choosing the RIGHT Realtor is not as simple as going with a friend or family member that has a real estate license. Not all Realtor's are created equal and working with the wrong one could cause you 10% to 30% of the sale price of your home?

So how big of a mistake would 30% of your home be? Is it worth it?

Here is how you make the right decision!


We sell around 80-100 homes a year.

Why is this so important?

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Selling so many houses means that we are highly experienced and highly knowledgeable on the CURRENT real estate market. Because we are constantly negotiating contracts for buyers and sellers, we know what is expected, we know what is not working, and we know what IS working. Detailed knowledge of the contract and market is more of an advantage than you would ever imagine. Also, because we do so much business, we are able to build relationships with other real estate agents. This is beneficial because agents know we get the job done; they want to work with us. Reputation and relationships matter. A lot. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

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We are "Full-Time Realtors.

Why is this so important?

Time is crucial in all aspects of real estate. If your real estate agent is working another job full time how are they supposed to be working for you? Are they out looking for your new home or looking for a buyer for your home? A good Realtor networks, searches, and researches houses before they hit the market. A good Realtor also uses the network they have built to find the most qualified buyer for your home. How can an agent do that if they are working another job? How are they supposed to follow up with home inspectors, title companies, lenders, co-op agents, contractors? The answer is, they don’t. They count on the co-op Realtor, your competitor, to do it for them.


We have systems and processes in place to multitask.

Why is this so important?

This guy looks crazy doesn't he? Unless your Realtor has figured out how to be in many places and do multiple things at the same time, they are going in numerous directions also. There are roughly 75-100 things that Realtors need to do every day. How can they be showing houses and going on listing appointments at the same time? How can they attend a home inspection and a closing at the same time? The simple answer is, they cannot. When you work with a real estate team, I mean a true team where everyone specializes in what they do best, more can be accomplished and your home selling and/or buying experience will be superior. Our number one job is to stay in front of everything for you, and there is no better way to do that than to work as a true team. A full-time team.


We have customized marketing plans.

Why is this so important?

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Any real estate agent can say that they have a marketing plan. Even if you ask them about their plan, most can talk about one on the fly. How? Because they know what they are supposed to be doing. But the real question is, can they show you? They need to show you examples of their postcards, websites, marketing videos, professional photography, and social media. Selling your home for THE MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY POSSIBLE takes marketing and exposure. We do it for every one of our listings, and we will happily show you examples.


We use Artifical Intelligence.

Why is this so important?

Keller Williams is the ONLY real estate brokerage to have Artificial Intelligence built directly into their marketing, follow-up, search functions, closing processes, and social media. A.I. works directly for you by constantly assessing the results of our ads and instantly making adjustments to get your home in front of more people. It also reads and responds to emails and texts, based on actual responses. Our A.I. evaluates our database, looking for patterns in people that may be thinking about moving. By doing this, we can possibly find the buyer that is willing to pay the most money for your home. No other brokerage has this and IT COULD COST YOU 10'S OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. There are many reasons that KW is the #1 Brokerage in Units and volume, and A.I. is just one of the reasons.

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